About Us

Tools and Device is a website that purpose to introduce the best professional reviews about Power tools, Electronic devices, Home Appliances, Gadgets, and much more. It helps people to spend their money in the right way on the right product of their choice.

He developed this site because he thinks that some people are paying for fake or irrelevant reviews and provide unnecessary information to their buyers. So when they buy a product, which not comes true to their expectations.

This is how he comes up with the idea of this website to give accurate information and provide quality reviews to his users, so they come to know what they are going to buy.

At Tools and Devices, we do the best tests and experiments under different conditions to provide honest and practical reviews. So you know where you need to come next time to buy a track saw or a coffee machine.

About Mohtashim Shafique

Mohtashim Shafique is an entrepreneur, power tool-enthusiast, and great reviewer on electronic devices, home appliances, and gadgets. His visionary only about tools and machines. He is fascinated by machines and their parts, and he’s always excited to know more.

He is also a team leader of professionals who works day and night to improve the quality of reviews and only provide related and beneficial information to people who come to Tool’s and Devices.